16 December 2013

So...Is This Dead?

I haven't updated this site in over a year.  By any definition, that seems pretty dead.

Thing is, Northern Misfit is not dead.  It's not shagged-out, nor is it pining for the fjords.  It's waiting.

SpousalGoddess and I have some very big changes coming up in our lives soon.  Very big. When those hit, I intend to outline the real reasons for my silence here.   Then this site will have another, more exciting purpose to fulfill.

I wish I could say more. I really do.  Suffice it to say, in this era of corporate monitoring of every form of public communication, the less I say now, the better.

Until that time, this site will remain quiet.  Until that time, it will remain a window into the past.  For now this site reminds me of a time when my kids were small, where my son and I camped out for an XBox360, and where my moving into the VFX field seemed like a real possibility.  It's also a reminder that, once upon a time, I made movies.

In the meantime, check out Discarded Lives.  That's my active site, and is part of the reason I've been quiet.  While I won't be as personal there as I was here, it's still a way to stay connected.

I leave you with this image from the Volume One cover of Discarded Lives.

Until the change comes, folks...

25 October 2012

It's Alive!

Discarded Lives is now officially a "thing."

Twenty-two months after fiddling with Poser figures in Lightwave 10 and thinking "I should really get back to that comic project..." the first issue is now starting its daily march to online publication.

I don't have much too say about the comic here; that's what the Discarded Lives blog is all about.  I will, however, offer this thought:

Wow, it feels good to be back.