11 August 2007

Hunter. Hill. Home.

The NerdPod just finished a week down in Orlando, Florida. Key points:
  • Saw Sea World. It Sea-Sucked.
  • Spent a day at Disney World. Now I know why it's called "Mauswitz".
  • Spent an unforgettable day at the Kennedy Space Center, culminating with the launch of Endeavour for STS-118. One of the highlights of this and any vacation I've ever taken.
  • Spent a day at Universal Studios. What an amazing park. Go. Now.
  • Saw the DAVE School on a tour with MonkeyDude. I now have no doubt what I have to do next. My application should arrive with them within the week.
I'd say more, but having done all of that in four days really wiped us out.

Today: Spamalot.

Tonight: Irish Festival.

Tomorrow: Laundry, LightWave, and laps around Elm Creek on my bike.


mtreiten said...

Finally saw a shuttle launch, eh? Awesome in the classical sense of the word. In fact, I think that was the same shuttle I saw...

Avindair said...

How close were you to the launch? We could only watch from the visitor's center, six miles away, so we didn't see the bird until she cleared the tree line about ten seconds into the flight. MonkeyDude spotted it first.

SpousalGoddess and MonkeyDude described the sound of the SRBs as "the noise of fifty campfires layered one over the other, and then run through an amplifier".

Oh, and MonkeyDude got a couple of terrific pictures of the launch.

And yes, I cried. I didn't notice until it was over, but I cried.

Rick said...

Dudes! Welcome the hell back!!

Dracut said...

Launches are cool. It took three trips to the cape before I finally gone one in. It was a night launch even. Very cool!

Glad to hear things are working out for the DAVE school. Do you get priority treatment to get into the Spiderman ride? Those tickets would be golden!

Marie said...



Does DisneyWorld have the Indiana Jones Adventure?

Hey, welcome back! Glad to hear the ball is rolling. Really glad!

Avindair said...

Drac --

Not sure about the Spider-Man ride (which was terrific), but I do know that, if I'm accepted, I'll be shooting on the Universal Studio grounds for one of my student projects.

Excited and nervous now.


Avindair said...

Hey, 'rie --

We didn't actually hit the Magic Kingdom. We couldn't. Mauswitz ensures that you can't hit more than three or four rides in one or two parks in one day.

We did see the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, though. The stunts were good. The show was embarrassingly bad.

And yeah...moving forward is really needed now.

marie said...

Does this mean you'll be following the migratory path of birds soon?

Avindair said...

Depends on whether I get accepted to the school. If I do -- and I'm not too worried -- I'll be in sun country for 48 weeks doing the program. After that? Where the work takes us.

Bear in mind that the school I'm talking about just had James Cameron hire 60 of their grads for his latest film, and that the studios regularly send scouts out to see the talent there. Oh, yeah, and I'll be learning the trade from the guys who pretty much invented the freaking field.

I'll let you know when I know more.

marie said...

Definately keep me posted. I'm always happy to see transplants to this god-forsaken place achieve their dream of leaving!

Speaking of leaving, my shag may be getting a job with a big airplane manufacturer. I can't say which company (Boeing!!!), because it's all top secret (Boeing!!!), and I can't say which city because I like to keep a low profile (LOL), but if all goes according to plan, I'll be buying my fish from the Seattle Fish Market instead of Rainbow Foods and paddling my sea kayak in Puget Sound instead of Lake Calhoun.


Avindair said...

My dad did fifteen years at Boeing. He wasn't too jazzed about them, as they treated a former senior enlisted guy like a piss-boy most of the time.

That being said, Seattle would be freaking perfect for you.

Keep me posted as well!

marie said...

Shhhhh!!! You're not supposed to mention the name of the company (Boeing!!!). They could be watching me.