30 November 2007

Casual Friday -- Let's Crap On a Classic Design, Shall We?

Courtesy of "Scott" at TrekMovie.com comes this spy picture of the "re-imagined" classic U.S.S. Enterprise for Star Trek XI.

In the words of Lois from Family Guy, "Brian, what hell?!"

That is supposed to be the classic Enterprise that Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the rest fly around in?

It's frigging awful.


Update: Turns out that this was an April Fool's design, released earlier this year to make nerds like me panic. Thank god.


GeekGoddess said...

And I love the note at the bottom, "Much better. I really like the direction this one is headed! - S"


Sure! Much better! If it's supposed to be a 1940's battleship!

Please tell me that with all of the time travel shite slated for this film that this is some kind of alternate universe Enterprise built by a human race that has completely lost all sense of aethetics... and it rains donuts.

Avindair said...

There is some hope. That image might be a leak from the Star Trek: Online MMO currently in-production. I'm confirming that before I update the posting.

That being said, I showed the image to some co-workers today. Their reaction: "Oh, that looks cool!"

"Yeah," I said, "but does it look like Kirk's ship?"

"Updated, yeah!"

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Hollywood demographic.

Drauct said...

"Phaser Turrets"? WTF?

Rick said...

I'll go out on a limb and say that I think it's a rather cool design... for a Ron Moore-style reboot of the Trek franchise - which I think Trek desperately needs.

But if they're going to claim that this is simply going back to the time of the canon Original Series, then no frakking way. Reboot or canon. Pick one.

Avindair said...

They're trying to hedge their bets.


The new movie could be called Trek to the Future.A Romulan named "Nero" (because a different planet would have Roman names, of course) goes back in time via the Guardian of Forever (without, I should mention, a royalty check for Harlan Ellison, for which he is mightily pissed). His mission: Kill James T. Kirk.

That's when Old Spock -- played again by Leonard Nimoy -- goes back to a point in time before young Spock -- played by Zachary Quinto ("Sylar" from "Heroes") -- met Kirk and works with him to save the future timeline. This will also have a really weird vibe now, since rumor has it that Spock will be revealed to be gay. (Would that I were kidding about that fact.)


Dumb, huh?

By doing this, we get to see an altered timeline. See? It's still canon...sorta. But they can also change stuff to make it "cooler".

We'll see how this shakes out.