19 November 2007

Waking Up to a Bang

Fresh air. Rich culture. Low crime. Those are three reasons often cited for Minneapolis being a great place to live.

Mark one off of my list for the morning.

I walked out to start up my car this morning to discover the passenger side window shattered, and my GPS missing.

What's worse is that I didn't hear the damned thing happen last night. My car alarm didn't even go off.

Waiting for the police. Thankfully, I'll have the car repaired in the driveway for me. Insurance is taking care of the details.

I'm furious.

Updated: Turns out that four people were hit on my street last night. The police officer told me that they've become pretty bold around town, even hitting cars in restaurants.

One piece of good news; I still had the box that for the GPS. The officer took the serial number, and has it in the system. If someone tries to pawn the system it should, in theory, get a hit on their system. I'll never get it back, of course, but at least it's nice to know that I have a small chance of ruining the thief's day, too.


GeistX said...

That sucks. I can sympathize. We had our house broken into once and attempted twice. We weren't the only ones hit either. Police never found out who despite finger prints. I've had my car broken into once and both my Dad's and Grandma's car were stolen once.

Living in a suburb because there is no crime however is a myth. Crime happens everywhere.

Minneapolis (and St Paul) have a long and colorful history of crime since even before they were river towns.

GeekGoddess said...

Crime happens everywhere. Small towns and big towns. Doesn't matter. Whether the perpetrator is desperate, greedy, amoral, insane, or just stupid... crime happens. All we can do, is do our best to dissuade the a-holes from hitting us, and prosecute the shit out of those we catch.

I've been swearing a lot today. Pardon.